Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Using what you got (or can scavenge)

When one does not have a real income flow, it is important to be frugal when it comes to many things including the garden. Thus I am always on the look out for good quality scavenging material.

One item which seems to regularly be discarded in skip bins is cement reinforcement mess. This stuff makes a great trellis for things such as beans, cucumbers, and even tomato plants; anything which like to climb or needs a bit of support. Putting the trellis together is fun as well since it can almost be a bit of art work in the garden.

The other thing I am keen on using is all the grass we have on the property. We allow our grass to get long before mowing it. Then we collect all the mowed grass and use it for building up the organic matter in the soil, or even as paths through out the garden. The hay garden paths soak up excess water and release to the plants when things are a bit more dry. Eventually the grass paths break down, leaving a very nice organic matter to put into the garden.

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  1. Very artistic! I'm imagining giant pumpkin and bean dinosaurs and giraffes roaming your property :-).