Saturday, 4 April 2009

Garden turtle

My wife and I were very surprised to find a turtle in the garden yesterday. We were walking past the garden bed and I noticed some thing that looked like a turtle. So I had a closer look and there it was. We took a few pictures of it in hopes of identifying which species it was.

I did a quick search on the internet and could not find anything obvious. But I did find the Australian Freshwater Turtle web site. I signed up and posted a question on their forum under the Freshwater Turtle Identification section. Sure enough, the same day the turtle was identified as a male Saw-shelled turtle (Wollumbinia latisternum). So they provided not only the species information, but the gender as well. Very impressive. They also informed me that this species of turtle is the only one which can eat a cane toad and survive. Go Saw-shelled turtle! If you want to see the thread, visit

So if you have a freshwater turtle you need to id, or want to find out more information about freshwater turtles, I highly recommend the Australian Freshwater Turtle web site.


  1. Cool! Breed 'em up so they can patrol your property for cane toads.

  2. That was my thought as well. ;)
    I would like to create a turtle friendly habitat around the creek. I have been culling the cane toads myself and using them as garden fertiliser, however it is nice having native species doing some of the work for you.

  3. What a handy backyard helper! Its great to see your backard is 'green' enough that it encourages wildlife. We have some backyard Blue Tongue Lizards that I love.