Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Google Earth/Maps Imagery Update

After about 3 years of no updates, including requests by government, Google has finally updated the imagery in the great Brisbane for Google Earth and Google Maps. So now instead of seeing shipping containers where our veggie garden is, you actually see the veggie garden.

The big white shed can still be clearly seen to south of the property. At the south eastern side of the shed, the new off-white rainwater tank is now visible. The veggie garden, banana pit, and possible makings of the chook house are also visible to the east of the shed.

To the north west of the shed, the citrus grove can just been seen bordered by other trees to the south and north. One can also see that some of the grass to the west is a bit brown. This is because it has been allowed to go wild. Although the grass in the north eastern paddock was cut by a neighbour.

The pond is not present in this photo, nor is the swale. I also think that the chook house was not completed at this stage. So I figure that the picture was taken around the mid June to July timeframe (EDIT: as it turns out it was taken on 2009-07-27).

Hopefully we will not have to wait another few years until we can see an aerial view of the pond.


  1. You got my hopes up there Jason....however my quick dash to Google Earth sadly revealed that our little corner of Greater Brisbane is still locked into April 2007 (sigh)

  2. As James indicated, there seems to be a bit of weirdness going on with the imagery updates. There was a Google Maps update list which showed the location of the imagery updates, however I can no longer find that reference. So if you are in the greater Brisbane area, you might be lucky and you might not.