Thursday, 12 November 2009

Raspberry delight

We have been enjoying a steady supply of raspberries over the last few months. We planted some autumn variety raspberries around March/April of this year, and they have been spreading readily since. While they are supposed to produce the bulk of their fruit in autumn, they have shown no signs of letting up their production. There are also summer fruiting varieties which mean you can have raspberries for most of the year!

There are two things which really excites Felicity while out in the garden, either saying let's check for strawberries, or let's check for raspberries. Unfortunately one does have to keep an eye on her as she will pick raspberries which are nowhere near ripe enough when she can no longer find ripe ones. She also has a tendency to scarf them quickly, so you do need to be quick to get some yourself.

Raspberries are a must have in the garden if you have some extra space and a sunny location. They are easy to grow and produce lots of delicious fruit, more over they do not have many pest (even the dreaded QLD fruit fly has left them alone thus far). However the do run excessively, so containing them or putting when were they can be mowed over is a must. Just remember to cut the canes back which have finished producing fruit and you will have a healthy and productive raspberry patch for years to come. And you can always offer some of the raspberry runners to friends who are certain to appreciate them.

I took a couple of additional photos which I thought I would include in this entry. These show a couple of different multiple raspberry clusters with different stages of fruit development.

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  1. Jason - I hadn't even considered that one could grow raspberries in Brisbane - let alone for them to be still be producing in late Spring. Sensational!