Saturday, 8 August 2009

Chickens Framed

Shocking allegations have come forth that local Maculata Grove chicken residents have been framed. Photographic evidence has been presented which clearly shows the group's mastermind, Rusty, at the centre of the controversy. When requested for a comment all Rusty's lawyer would say was "It's a coop".

It is hoped that further progress of this case can be made for all involved.


  1. That's one professional job! Nothing wrong with a good frame-up every once in a while. Keeps the chickens on their toes - let's them know who's really running the place. ;)

  2. Are you sure that's a chicken house, it's amazing.

    Thanks for you comments about the lemonade seeds, I have no patience so will probably buy a tree but might chuck a few seeds in a pot as an experiment.

    I have planted my asparagus in the same way you have, let's hope for a bumper crop.