Monday, 24 August 2009

Hot, hot, hot

Well today was a scorcher with temperatures in the mid-30s. The sun was intense and the winds were hot and dry; nothing like a nice winter's day. And, of course, I had a trailer load of manure to spread around the banana pit. As I needed some grass, or dust as it would be, to help the manure break down, I also had to do some mowing.

So there I was outside throughout the day guzzling down litres of water. As this should be the last bulking up of the banana pit soil, it was definitely worth it. Soon I will also have Yacon, ginger, and galangal growing amongst the bananas as well.

I have now pulled out all the invasive sweet potato as it was not forming tubers in that area. I do plan to leave some slower running sweet potato around the enlarged front edge of the banana pit as it has produced some good food without smothering all the other plants.


  1. Jason - I am growing yacon - not sure if you have grown it before, but FYI, it took about 4 weeks for the first shoots to appear on mine.

  2. Hi James - I was able to get the reddish rhizomes of yacon from one of the people in the Samford Local Growers group. I started them off in pots for all except one. I now have three of them in the soil and the rest in pots still. Mine took about one month or so to put up shoots as well, but I figure that was due to the season.
    The worst thing about a yacon is waiting until early winter to harvest the tubers!