Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Coop Case - Progression Beyond Framing

There has been further progression with the coop case. Material evidence has been presented for all to see. So impressed was the jury, that the material has been left in place. Although the case development took a turn for the worse when a key piece of evidence did not fit the crime scene. This almost resulted in the case coming unhinged. Although this was a setback to the case, other supporting material is still to be presented. With any luck, Rusty and the egg laying gang will be ready for lock up in another week or so.

TRANSLATION: I sourced the wrong darn hinges for the nest box lids. So after trying to figure out how the impossible would fit on, I consulted with the builder of the Hen House Hilton and asked what he used. Apparently I need to get some long narrow strap hinges as opposed to the non-mortise hinges which I tried to use.


  1. Jason - the coop is looking great - and the chooks even get a room with a view!
    If you will excuse one quibble....I was wondering if the laying boxes might get a bit hot in summer?

  2. Thanks James. The coop is still a work in progress. Actually the room with a view is being closed up considerably. We just finished putting more sheeting above the nest boxes. I might need to make some adjustments if more air flow is required, but we'll see how things go.

    I appreciate your quibble; comments (or notions) get answers.
    The nest boxes are on the northern side of the coop. I did this as a passive solar design. Thus with the overhang of the roof, as we move closer to the heat of the summer (who am I kidding with 30 degree weather during winter as we had yesterday), the next boxes should be shaded. As well the bananas are planted to the west, so they should provide some welcome shade as well.

    So we'll see how all my design plans turn out as they are tested through the seasons. If necessary I can make some adjustments to the structure so that more shade is provided.

  3. You've obviously considered all the climatic issues - I'll have to find something else to quibble about.

  4. Perhaps my latest email to the Samford Local Growers. ;)